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“If you have ever asked yourself about the meaning of life and have succeeded in digging up the answer – you have conquered vanity!!!”

With feelings of friendliness and gratitude I bestow this great epigram on my friends Emil and Mladen Arabadzhievi – founders of “Denil”.

“What’s the point in asking yourself about the meaning of your existence? Your fate is already written down by someone who knows this meaning, isn’t it? Relax and live as a puppet of your fate! Even if you dare to be a Master of Puppets and manage to go through a couple of Napoleonic feats, you are still going to end up as a rag-doll, because no one will allow you neither to surpass yourself, nor to get any higher from the level of the puppet crowd!”


I’m as sharp as a needle!

“If you have never asked yourself about the meaning of your life, the vanity of your existence has chopped you into minced meat, you’ve been swallowed as a meat ball and shitted out. This means that you are a piece of sh..t!

If you do not want to live as a piece of excrement, try to find out the answer, but don’t get desperate if you fail. The mere process of seeking already makes you different form the content of your colon!"

Isn’t it brilliant ?!?!?!
It sounds even cultic!

“Oh! The meaning of life? Sheer nonsense! These two concepts have so much in common as a bald head is acquainted with a comb!” – I am telling this to you, I, Zhelinovskiy, the naturally bald dude.

Your life is meaningful only when you feel more alive than the corpse of the human being lying next to you in a trench during your war for gaining your own place in other people’s lives!

I am entirely and exclusively grateful to myself for Patriotic Eggs! That’s my modesty talking, isn’t it?

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